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Client Wrestling Mindset Featured on The Joe Rogan Experience

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Strengthening the Mind for Success On and Off the Mat

Gene and Jeff Zannetti created Wrestling Mindset to assist wrestlers to attain their maximum potential in wrestling, education, and life. They understand the importance of rising to the occasion on the mat and in the classroom as past nationally ranked All-Ivy League wrestlers.

In this episode, Joe Rogan and professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Ben Askren, discusses the lack of guidelines when learning how to mentally prepare for high stress competition. All over the country there are programs that teach wrestling technique and form, but a select few that actually teach athletes how to manage their mind. While considering the scare program options for mindset training, Ben shouts out Wrestling Mindset for their unique approach that strengthens wrestler's minds for on and off the mat.

SS&Co. is proud to partner alongside Gene and Jeff to maintain and enhance Wrestling Mindset's brand and reach via social media, content production, and lifecycle marketing.

Gene and Jeff have studied the world's finest wrestlers, coaches, and specialists to understand the secrets of peak performance. This resulted in the creation of a one-of-a-kind, trademarked Wrestling Mindset program. Wrestling Mindset trainers have worked with thousands of wrestlers, teams, coaches, and clubs since 2008. The Men's and Women's USA National Teams, top college and high school teams and wrestlers, as well as youth and recreational programs around the country, have all used the Wrestling Mindset curriculum. Together they have also created a podcast that features interviews with Mindset Mike and his team, keynote speeches, and mindset training with CEO Gene Zannetti (

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