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Client Grant Parr of GameFace Performance Featured in Archbishop Mitty Magazine

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Connecting the Mind and Body to Become Unstoppable

One of SS&Co's first clients, Grant Parr, is the founder of GameFace Performance, a Mental Performance Consultant agency that specializes in not only athletics, but also the corporate world. His consulting practice employs mental performance approaches and strategies to assist players and coaches in gaining a competitive edge in sport performance. Parr has also facilitated seminars and worked with, LinkedIn, VCU, USA Fencing, FOX Sports, and many more.

This fall issue of Archbishop Mitty High School Magazine dives into Grant's effort in coaching the team objectives and goals. Together with NBA coach Graham Betchart, they focus on the importance on being relaxed and having confidence. The school hired Parr and Betchart in order to take their basketball team to the next level. The objective of "next play speed" is emphasized and how to overcome adversity in a game situation and in life.

SS&Co. is pleased to continue working with GameFace Performance in promoting the importance of connecting the mind and body.

GameFace Performance is a consulting firm that helps individuals develop their mental skills in order to perform to their best. Athletes and coaches in sports deal with internal and external problems, such as performance anxiety, energy/stress management, confidence issues, conflict management, injuries, and so much more. GameFace Performance emphasizes a holistic, inside/out strategy to enhance and improve an individual's mental approach to their game. It is critical to connect the mind and body to create an exceptional mindset in order to overcome internal and external distractions while performing. Grant also focuses on individuals working in the business world to eliminate mental barriers to success. He implements daily practices and leveraging techniques to stay on top mentally and strengthen the mind.

To learn more about strengthening your mindset and reaching your full potential checkout Grant also has a podcast called 90% Mental that promotes mental performance awareness in sports by interviewing athletes and coaches and allowing them to share their stories and thoughts. Prominent guests have been on such as Michael Coe, Super Bowl Champion, former NFL Tight End Asante Cleveland, former NBA player Nick Anderson, and much more. The podcast gives listeners insightful knowledge from decorated Olympians, coaches, professional and collegiate athletes/coaches, sport psychologists, and award-winning authors. Tune in to learn more!

Take a look at the full magazine here!

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