During this global pandemic where uncertainty rules in practically all aspects of our lives, socially and in the workplace, there is one sector that has been seriously affected: gyms & sports and wellness centers.

Client Jesse Nicassio wrote a wonderful piece here for CSQ (C-Suite Quarterly) Check it out!

CSQ continues to be the business luxury lifestyle brand and community for Los Angeles and New York’s Billionaire Changemakers, C-Suite Visionaries, NextGen Entrepreneurs, Executive Advisors and those aspiring to achieve something more in life, and out of themselves.

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Updated: May 2, 2020

Ah, the age old question, when is the best time to post? You want the best engagement, the most likes, and obviously the most comments, shares, views, impressions, the list goes on and on and on. It's got you timing, planning, and strategizing. Sometimes so much that you don't even post!

Well, you should post... ALWAYS! But yes, you can refine when you should post for best results.

Now, each account has its own set of metrics, and you can see your own insights on the app itself or on your separate scheduling/analytics service. You should always try it all and keep what works, and ditch what doesn't.

So unlike other lame & boring "blogs," let's get to the point.

Here are the best times we have found for each of the "Big 4" Platforms!

Note: This is a guideline, as mentioned earlier, each account has its own set of metrics. This is what we've found based on our data with different clients in different industries.


Hit it hard on Wednesday! It's #HumpDay ! Know your audience. Facebook is so versatile, and interest is definitely key. Get your post momentum going by posting at the right time and using key features like tagging, and sharing in groups, etc. Extra work can go a long way.

If you want to get specific? Try the best time, on the best day. Notice that we did not EVEN include weekends in this. This is because for MOST industries activities tend to be much lower on Saturday and Sunday. You should actually use this time to set your content up for the week.


If you lived under a rock, and did not know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, now you know. With this in mind, the activities and engagement times are closely related to the-one-that-bought-it. Wednesday and Friday are the best times to attack here.

Although the activity times are mostly the same as Facebook. Remember that it is still a different medium. This is where a picture is worth a thousand words, Sizing of your content matters, AND you CANNOT link out. Please remember that you can't just type in the caption, and have people click on it. It doesn't work. (However, you can click on it here) If you want to learn more about how we create meaningful contents for our clients.


Pay respects to the land of the 140 or less characters. This platform has been pronounced dead, revived, and is now kickin' it again. It's quick, it's fast, it's to the point. So don't stretch out your message and give an emotional boo-hoo story. As Don Draper once said, make it simple, yet significant.

Remember, this is the best place to communicate on a topic. Since when it was hot in 13' and now. Nothing is better. Go on the offensive and increase your engagement here. Search for a hashtag that is relevant to your industry, have a conversation, and go to town!


Corporate world goes social. If you're in this realm, you know how this work. Buzzwords galore, insane amount of support (both fake and sincere) with the reason being- reputation is everything. Captions/descriptions of your post will need to be adjusted here in order to best reach the different type of audience.

Start the day off right with a cup of' joe and a LinkedIn Post before you get to the rest of your work day. Remember to be professional... that's the currency there. You wouldn't want to use Japanese Yen when they take Indian Rupees.

Overall: Remember these key rules: Different medium = different types of posts. Different accounts = different data. Different industry = different metrics/success. Don't let it consume you too much that you don't execute and post. Get your content out there. The more chances you take, the more impressions, and the more success. More posts with more variety will give you more data at a faster rate. Over time, you'll have the data to focus on what works, and ditch what doesn't.

Most Importantly: if you find yourself not wanting to do this, there's an agency that's fairly priced, understand the medium, and will create meaningful contents that will tell your story.

Yes, it's us.

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