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Build A Consistent Flow

Create a sustainable list of high-performing posts that generate a steady message flow for your product/store. We curate and deploy postings based on your specific criteria consistently to ensure you’re generating attention and leads.

Hassle-Free Process

A simple, safe, and trustable process. We only need to settle on your key information one-time, and we'll get to posting daily by hand (we do not use un-approved 3rd party software) You'll also get a report with the postings that were completed that period.

Ready To Begin Your Journey?

It’s time to get to where you want to be. We’re excited to learn more about your goals and how we can position you with our experience and expertise to help you reach it.

Our quality of work & reviews speaks for themselves.

You’re not taking a chance, you’re starting on the right path.

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Generate a consistent message flow for your business/store in your local market

Deliverables: Information Organization, Daily Posting Curation & Deployment, Daily Posting Reports

Step 1: Organize Key Information

We communicate on key details such as products you offer, starting prices, territory, credentials, pictures, etc. 

Step 2: We Get to Posting

We post daily by hand (we do not use un-approved 3rd party software) for the amount agreed upon for each account.

Step 3: Receive Daily Reports

After our team is done posting each day, we organize the accounts and their postings and notify you via email!

How Does
It Work?

BoxDrop has created a better and smarter way for consumers to buy mattresses and furniture. Using their unique relationships with manufacturers and our low-cost distribution system, they sell high-quality mattresses and furniture at deep discounts in a way that traditional retail stores can’t match.

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