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BoxDrop East Lexington

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East Lexington

The Client

BoxDrop has created a better and smarter way for consumers to buy mattresses and furniture. Using their unique relationships with manufacturers and our low-cost distribution system, they sell high-quality mattresses and furniture at deep discounts in a way that traditional retail stores can’t match.


Information Organization, Daily Posting Curation & Deployment, Daily Posting Reports


BoxDrop East Lexington has a strong physical brick-and-mortar presence, but were not very active and consistent in daily postings.

The goal was to buildout to new marketplace channel on Facebook that provided leads to the store for the owner and employees to convert into appointments.

Approach & Execution

After our discovery call, we aggregated all the key information from the client and organized them into a ready-to-deploy manner.

The team then consistently posted to the number agreed upon daily, along with sending periodic reports after the postings are completed.


Since working with us, BoxDrop East Lexington has received over 50,000 clicks on their listings, resulting in over an average of 20 leads per day for the store in just a short 3-month period.

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