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Turn Your Book Into Captivating Short Clips

Book to Clips will transform your masterpiece into engaging content that will generate buzz and drive engagement.


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How Does It Work?

The Problem:

Publishers love to make big promises about marketing an author's book, but the actual support they offer afterwards can be quite minimal. This often leave authors with the daunting task of self-promotion.

Our Solution:

The Book To Clips system provides concrete marketing solutions by converting the author’s work into attention grabbing short clips, combined with a practical end-to-end recording and creation process.

Other examples:


By David Epstein

The Captain Class

By Sam Walker

What Makes Book To Clips Attention Grabbing?

Authentic Voice

It’s your book and your message, we’re just here to hep bring it to life! The best videos are the ones that tells your authentic story.

Scene Variety

Attention spans are short these days, that's why each of our video is comprised of shorter clips that keep viewers watching.

A Powerful Hook

Each of our video starts with proven hooks that draw people in, decreasing the chance that they will swipe away!

Let’s get your book out there:

Crafted Scripts that Match Your Voice

Your book is an extension of you, that’s why our process goes beyond just creating clips. Our copywriters get to know you and extract the most compelling topics of your book to craft scripts that will tell your story authentically.

An All-In-One Solution from Start to Finish

Experience a truly effortless process. Book to Clips preloads the script for you in our platform, and the built-in teleprompter makes sure you never lose eye contact with your audience. Your recorded clips are then organized into the right folder automatically- no more hassles with air-dropping and emailing. It’s like having your own portable studio.

Attention Capturing Clips That Will Amplify Your Book!

Leave the editing process to us and watch as your book comes to life through action-packed-attention-grabbing clips. Our skilled video editing team is committed to perfecting your content so that it's ready for distribution on any platform you choose.

Why Book To Clips vs. Doing It Yourself?

You wrote the book - that’s the hard part. Now, it’s time to turn those ideas into binge-worthy clips.


❌  Plain Talking Head Videos

❌  Time Consuming Editing Process

❌  Headaches Managing Social Media

Book To Clips

✅  Attention Grabbing Short Clips

✅  Simple Recording & Creation Method

✅  Seamless Social Distribution Process

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Owner, Gameface Performance

Grant Parr

I can't express enough how professional and fun it is to work with SS&Co. Not only did I find a true partner in building my business, I found a team that always goes above and beyond. Their ability to create content and deliver finish products in a timely fashion is why I will have a long term business relationship SS&Co.

Owner, JABS

Gina DiNapoli

SS&Co. completely turned around the look and feel of my brand. They deliver on time and within budget every time. They really go the extra mile with their customers. While they may not be “in-house”, I almost felt like they are because of how invested they are in my brand. I rarely write reviews, but their work is truly exceptional.

Owner, BASWC Academy

Dwayne Buckingham

Working with SS&Co. is a no-brainer. They are very professional and easy to work with. I received high-quality service over the course of my project and was extremely pleased with the quality of my graphics. As result of their work, Instagram followers grew by 30 percent in a very short time-frame.

VP, Athletes 2 Careers

John Doyle

SS&Co. is extremely professional! Working with them has helped my brand grow this past year. They take the time to work with their clients to understand your business to ensure your message attracts the right audience in a timely manner. I highly recommend any small business owner like I, to get on this bus!

Ready to take your ideas off the page?

You've invested the sweat into developing your game-changing book. Work with Book to Clips and get those ideas into the center of today's attention economy. We turn books into ultra-sharable short-form clips aimed at reaching more people across all platforms.


  • The timeline varies depending on the complexity and length of your book. We work closely with you to ensure efficient delivery, a typical full book process takes about 3-4 months

  • We are dedicated to creating the best clips possible that will showcase your masterpiece. Book to clips will work closely with you to discuss/refine the clips until perfection.

  • No worries! Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, even for beginners. We provide guidance throughout the recording process, and our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Yes! We understand the importance of social media in book promotion. Our clips are tailored to meet the requirements of popular platforms, ensuring seamless sharing and maximum engagement.

  • While we appreciate the curiosity, we're confident in our expertise. Plus, our reviews and track record speaks for itself. So while there is no free trial, you can start small while jumping right into action with The Teaser Plan and experience our service at its full potential.

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