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Kickstart your business
with a strong and
recognizable brand identity

Deliverables: Logo Design, Logo Construction, Typography Selection, Color Palette, About, Vision, Mission, Values, Tagline

Create Message Clarity

If you don’t have clarity on what you do, how will your clients/customers feel they’re in good hands? Clear and concise messaging has a huge impact on the brand’s ability to thrive. We’ll help you craft the perfect message to share what you stand for and what you do in a simple, yet effective manner.

Elevate Your Design

A visual identity is your company’s personality. It sets you apart from your competitors and has a huge impact on your clients/customer’s perception of you, and the level you bring to the table. We’ll craft a unique design that connects with the consumer base you are targeting on an emotional level, so that people not only remember you… but want to be involved with you!

Step 1: Discovery call

We get together to learn more about you, your personality, and your vision for the brand. We’ll dig deep to unlock your perfect world scenario and make it come to life. The call will be broken down into two sections- Messaging Identity Portion and a Visual Identity Portion.

Step 2: We work our magic

From there, our copy and creative team will get to work. We’ll start with the logo, and once that is nailed down, we branch out to complete the whole visual identity then move on to the messaging identity. Throughout the process, we will bounce back and forth with you to ensure that your inputs are reflected properly. We don’t stop until it’s what you truly want!

Step 3: Have your brand book

Now that the brand identity is finished, you’ll have the complete reference that everything will come back to. Your brand design and message will now be be consistent across all future collaterals, marketing efforts, or anything else you choose to tackle.

How Does
It Work?

Hear from your fellow ABM Cohorts: 

Component 12 – 1.png


Seharut and his team were fast and produced beautiful work. He upleveled my site and really understood the look and feel of what I wanted. He is professional, clear, and wonderful to work with.

Mirada Holder

Holder Leadership


My branding and site looks great. I'm tearing up I love it so much. This has been a great experience. 

Liz Haber Zambrano

Living in Zen Coaching

Holder is a leadership coaching practice that specializes in uncovering the next actionable steps in moments of uncertainty. Their judgement-free and body-intelligence centric approach allows their clients to tap into their inner compass to ultimately unearth their true values and goals.

Ready To Develop Your Brand?

Congratulations on completing ABM. Now, it’s time to kickstart your business and create an identity that is uniquely your own.

Thanks to our partnership with SLP, we’re excited to help you create your one-of-a-kind brand that stands out among the crowd.

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