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Holder &Co.

Featured Case Study | Brand Identity

The Client

Holder is a leadership coaching practice that specializes in uncovering the next actionable steps in moments of uncertainty. Their judgement-free and body-intelligence centric approach allows their clients to tap into their inner compass to ultimately unearth their true values and goals.


Logo Design, Logo Construction, Typography Selection, Color Palette, About, Vision, Mission, Values, Tagline


Holder’s brand was struggling with how to separate the owner from the business, along with signifying their clear purpose & services. 

The goal was to create a high-end brand that revolved around the individuality and uniqueness of each person that also symbolized growth, along with the fact that the answer is already inside of each person. 

Approach & Execution

After an at-length discovery call with the client, we concluded that the visual identity will revolve around the concept of “A Unique Pattern of Growth,” which was best resembled with tree rings.


Our team of designers then went to work on revamping the visual around this concept, while solidifying a solid messaging that clearly communicating the mission and vision of the client.


We're happy to say that our client is loving the re-brand. Holder's new branding symbolizes both Uniqueness/Individuality, and Containment/Magnification, which is critical to what the client was looking for.


The messaging identity conveys exactly what the company does, along with how they do it. Our new tagline "Uncover The Answers Within," ties everything together in a clear and concise manner.

Ready To Develop Your Brand?

Congratulations on completing ABM. Now, it’s time to kickstart your business and create an identity that is uniquely your own.

Thanks to our partnership with SLP, we’re excited to help you create your one-of-a-kind brand that stands out among the crowd.

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