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Wrestling Mindset

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Wrestling Mindset

The Client

Wrestling Mindset is the #1 mental performance program for wrestlers, developed by All-Ivy League wrestlers, Gene and Jeff Zannetti to help wrestlers reach their full potential in wrestling, school and life.


Email Strategy, Email Structure, Email Design + Copy, Email Publication & Scheduling


Wrestling Mindset has a vast array of assets, ranging from high ticket 1-on-1 training programs, team training programs, all the way to e-products consumables that needed to be distributed to their ever-growing lead list.

Our goal was to break down each asset, and created a scheduled set of emails that went out to each lead based on their interest in a repeatable and consistent manner to connect and convert into clients or make the sale.

Approach & Execution

We dug into each asset/service that Wrestling Mindset had to offer, and create a set strategy & purpose for each, along with determining the structure & content that supported that purpose.

We then designed and wrote copy for each set and individual emails that coincided with the strategy and finalize to be uploaded and scheduled onto the selected mailchimp platform.


We’ve completed multiple email campaigns for the client, averaging roughly 8000+ opens with 500 consistent targeted clicks back to the site/landing pages for conversion. 

This creates a hassle-free process for the client and added a sustainable and repeating marketing channel that Wrestling Mindset continues to utilize going forward.

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