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Featured Case Study | Podcast Editing & Publication


The Client

Watermark is a Bay Area nonprofit with a mission to connect, develop and advocate for those who identify as women in positions of leadership through intersectionality and allyship.


Audio Editing, Podcast Graphic & Teaser Clip, Podcast Hosting & Publication


Watermark wanted to expand their fledging brand and media campaign onto audio. The client had a vast access to a network of leading C-suite women in Silicon Valley and beyond.

The goal was to create a podcast the gives the audience a personal and professional look at career paths, pivots of leading women, while also showcasing Watermark as a premier networking group for women redefining leadership on their own terms.

Approach & Execution

We orchestrated a simple process for the client where all they needed to do was record the podcast with their guest and share with us the audio file.

From there, our team edited, added intros, music each podcast along with adding on audio enhancements that made the podcast pop. We also hosted and published each podcast for the client so it’s a hands-free process from start to finish. With each podcast, we created a cover graphic, and a short teaser clip that the client could use for promotion.


Watermark now has a thriving podcast that shares intimate conversations with the leading women in Silicon Valley and beyond that is reaching listeners on all major platforms such as Apple podcasts and many more.

They continue to gain big-time guests from a wide range from industries from tech, such as Kelly Steckleberg, CMO of Zoom, all the way to consumer products in Laila Tarraf, CPO of Allbirds.

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