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Featured Case Study | Website Design & Development

The Client

Founded for fast scaling start-ups as their end-to-end external people solution, Tandemly helps replicate the magic of founding teams by immersing seamlessly into organizations to stay true to their company’s unique DNA. Tandemly develop people solutions that allow you to focus on your core business and innovation.


Website Pages Design, Website Pages Build, Website Responsiveness & Functionality, Complete Copywriting Service, Lead Magnet/Email Subscription Logic/Framework + Build.


Tandemly's old website was struggling with a key element: telling the audience what they did.

The goal was to apply their new branding on the site, along with organizing key services/information that reflected what they do concretely in the right spots to convert website traffic into leads. 

Approach & Execution

We first dissected and reorganized information that was on their old website, and did a draft restructuring onto our best practice site structure.

Once we had everything in place, we did multiple at-length meeting with the client to finalize the information and structure, then we moved on to the visual and design aspects. Generating custom infographics to properly illustrate key information, along with curating professional photography to place on the site.


Our client now has a website that is visually on par with their brand, built with responsiveness for all devices and screen size, and organized with key informations that concisely tells the audience exactly what they do. Our custom-made infographics, combined with professional photos ties the site together visually. You can check out their complete website here at

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