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Sebastian Little Performance

Featured Case Study | Graphic Design

Sebastian Little Performance

The Client

Sebastian little performance is a coaching & consulting firm that specializes in leadership, performance, and culture. SLP works with high-performing leaders and teams to embrace chaos and move through mess.


Design Retainer, Custom Design, Custom Graphics, Custom Composition, High Quality Output Exports


SLP is looking professionalize and uplevel their collaterals as their business continues to grow.

They engaged us on our design retainer to tackle various assets from presentations all the way to workshop flyers.

Approach & Execution

After a lengthy discovery call where we discussed and brainstorm the workflow, SLP let us in on their tremendous and brilliant raw assets.

Our team of designers then went to work to create custom graphics that match the SLP branding and best presented the purpose of each collateral assets.


SLP now has a vast variety of finished, editable assets they can use fro client presentations/proposal, all of which matches their branding and presents them proportionally to level of work they bring to the table. The client continues to send us continuous work to be up-leveled on a consistent basis!

Ready To Begin Your Journey?

It’s time to get to where you want to be. We’re excited to learn more about your goals and how we can position you with our experience and expertise to help you reach it.

Our quality of work & reviews speaks for themselves.

You’re not taking a chance, you’re starting on the right path.

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