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The Ringer

Featured Case Study | Full-Funnel Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

The Ringer

The Client

The Ringer is the ultimate basketball shooting tool aimed to help basketball players develop a perfect shooting form from start to finish.


Ad-Set Research & Selection, Custom Creative, Custom Copywriting, Tracking Setup, Campaign Drafting & Publication


The Ringer has a powerful and attractive product, but lacking concrete visual and clarity that reached the masses.

The goal was two-pronged attack: Develop a traffic ad campaign that brought awareness to the product, along with link clicks, and a conversion campaigned that re-targeted those warm leads into purchasers.

Approach & Execution

We started by creating 3 different angles that would catch attention from the audience, which was “Align Shoot Validate,” “What The Pros Do,” and “Right or Wrong.” Which we A/B tested with a sample set to determined our final angle.

Once the resulted revealed that Align Shoot Validate” was the best performing, we utilized that as the top funnel awareness campaign, then developed a re-targeting campaign around it the re-convert warm leads back to the site to make the sale.


In a short period, we were able to run and complete a sustainable campaign over the holiday period using our “Align, Shoot, Validate” angle that resulted in an increase of 149% in website visitors with a 4.27x multiple on the client’s return on ad spend.

The campaign also resulted in many valuable data gains on top of the increase in bottom line such as: Angle Performance, Engagement Data, Website Visitor Data, Email Collection for further lead nurturing, and much more!

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