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Lisa G. Samia

Featured Case Study | Photo & Video Editing

Lisa G. Samia

The Client

Lisa G. Samia is an Author Award-Winning Poet & Speaker who loves American Civil War History. She is the recipient of the National Parks Arts Foundation-NPS Artist in Residency for Gettysburg Battlefield Park in September 2020, and Manassas National Battlefield in the fall of 2021 for her Civil War Poetry.


Onsite Filming, Photo Touchup & Editing, Photo Object Removals/Additions, Video Editing - Crops, Cut Trims, Animations


As Lisa’s notoriety and reach grew, she needed to start documenting her journey and success.

The goal was to appear on-site as seamless as possible for her important events such as  book signings, lectures & presentations, artists in residence program, and much more then capture still photos and videos to be edited and deployed on various channels afterwards.

Approach & Execution

We first discussed the logistics of her event, and planed out the various locations and content strategy beforehand to create the most efficient plan and appear as seamless as possible for her events.

After the event is over, the team organized each raw asset and edited and touched various photos, along with creating a highlight of the event/presentation that commemorated the event.


Lisa now has high quality assets in both static and video format that she never had before. This allowed her to leverage it in her media kit and other channels to help promote and present her in the best possible light that matches the level of work she brings!

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