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Chief Executive Angel

Featured Case Study | Website Design & Development

The Client

CEA is a transcendental coaching practice aimed to help change-makers discover their authentic selves and empower them to embody who they really are. Founder Melanie Paez is on a mission is to remind, reawaken and re-empower courageous and dedicated change-makers through transcendental coaching and healing so that they can recognize and embody their greatness.


Site Map, Website Design, Build, Responsiveness & Functionality, Copywriting Service


CEA’s old website faced challenges in clearly communicating its offerings, along with a having a visual that did not match the level of work Melanie brought to the table.

The goal was to apply our new visual and messaging identity done together previously in our branding work to the site and restructure information to better convey Melanie’s experience and the power of her transformative coaching.

Approach & Execution

After multiple collaborative sessions with Melanie, we started with a site map to ensure that we have all the contents needed to create a site structure the properly convey’s Melanie’s message and vision.
Once we had everything in place, our team went to work in designing, copywriting, and building the site with Melanie’s input every step of the way.


The result is a visually captivating and responsive website that effectively communicates CEA’s transformative coaching services. The visual details, professional photos, and custom graphics tie the site together, providing a clear and concise representation of what CEA offers. The revamped website is accessible here at

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