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Complete Campaign Funnel

A sequence of ad campaigns designed to take users along the buyer’s journey, from complete strangers to paying clients. You’re able to spy on your competitors’ ads a whole lot easier. You simply go to their page, navigate to the info & ads section on the left-hand side of the screen, and go to work!

Key Takeaway:

Design a Perfect Facebook Funnel for Your Business

There’s no doubt that Facebook Ads are a powerhouse when it comes to generating both leads and sales. However, the chances of someone buying your product or service the first time they see your ad or engage with your brand are quite slim.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Pricing & Plans

Attract new audiences with education on benefits of our client’s products or services

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Need Paid ads

That Convert?

We can take you there.


A novice ad runner throws something out there and home it sticks. SS&Co. follows and tried and true system. From start to finish, we’ll turn leads into customers.

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Our work and result speaks for itself. 

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