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The Ringer

A complete basketball shot training system anchored around the proper positioning and movements of the guide arm, wrist, & thumb. The ringer improves shooting mechanics by helping players improve their form before, during, and after the shot. Before the shot, it aligns the non-shooting hand perpendicular to the ball. During the shot, it prompts proper release and follow through, with perfect coordination between the guide hand & shooting hand.  


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That’s where we came in.

We created social media channels for Lisa from scratch, and filled it with meaningful contents that matter: her works, her events, and most importantly- her story. Furthermore- we started documenting her important events. Not only to capture the memories, but to showcase her amazing ability to perform when the lights are on.


The results ?


A spike in her book sales, an increase in bookings, and most recently- Lisa was just selected as the national artist in residence for Gettysburg National Park!

Lisa G. Samia

Lisa G. Samia is an Award Winning Author & Poet who loves American History. Some of her other works include “The Nameless and the Faceless of the Civil War.” A collection of 28 poems and 28 essays on the historical representations of Civil War events through the narrative of poetry. April 2018, which was Endorsed by Eric Swanson and “The Man with the Ice Blue Eyes,” A Romantic Poetry Collection of love and heartache. Debuted number one on for Women’s Poetry, July 2016, plus the fictional novel based on John Wilkes Booth “My Name is John Singer,” and now “My Name is Mrs. John Singer.”

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