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V.P. Northwest Region - Athletes to Careers

Mental Performance Coach- GameFace Performance

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SS&Co. for East Coast Sports Investors "March Madness- Don't Leave The Couch."

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"The SAME REASON YOU shower and pick your clothes in the morning"

We tell it how it is. Looks Matter. If you think it doesn't- don't shower  and throw on a black shoes & brown belt each morning. At SS&Co, We aim to create a community around your business using  non-intrusive advertising. Each piece of content from us is designed to provide value to your audience and create engagement for your platform of choice with the ultimate goal in mind: converting new audience & traffic into your bottom line: sales. 

SS&Co. for Award-Winning Author Lisa G. Samia "The Nameless and Faceless of the Civil War," "My Name is John Singer."

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