Put your social on auto with our personal touch



We'll make it for you. You have the story behind your business, we'll make that story come to life. We create campaigns that are uniquely yours. Let's build a community around the thing you love most.

On key


Different platforms, different demographics.

Why only choose one when you can hit them all?

We know you've heard "less is more," that's not the case here. More platforms, more reach. We'll handle it all for you. Social on Auto, but with our personal touch.



Because you can't sell dog food to cat owners.

We gear our content to your relevant audience,

Based on research and your expertise, we will engage with the most optimal audience that is likely to be interested in your services/product by seamlessly conveying your message into the conversation through comments and following the right targets for your business.

Best Part?

We do it all for you.

Spend time on the thing that got you where you are.

Let us take care of the thing that got us where we are. We're a full service agency. We'll run all your digital platforms. Creation, Publishing, and Engagement. We've got you covered. You'll be surprised how much time you will have with your social on auto.




1 piece of content daily (M-F)

2 animated stories / week (T & TH)

50 targeted following daily (M-F)

Publish to 4 key platforms (IG,FB,LI,TWT)

Monthly In-Depth Analytics

Weekly folder all contents created 




1 piece of content daily (M-F)

Publish to 2 key platforms (IG&FB Only)

Weekly folder all contents created 



1 piece of content daily (M-F)

1 animated story daily (M-F)

50 targeted following daily (M-F)

25 direct messaging daily (M-F)

15 custom comments daily (M-F)

Publish to 4 key platforms (IG,FB,LI,TWT)

Custom Copy Available

Ahead of Time Post Review

Monthly In-Depth Analytics

Weekly folder all contents created 

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