The Ringer.


Jonathan piazza

Founder - The Ringer Hoops

A complete basketball shot training system anchored around the proper positioning and movements of the guide arm, wrist, & thumb. The ringer improves shooting mechanics by helping players improve their form before, during, and after the shot. Before the shot, it aligns the non-shooting hand perpendicular to the ball. During the shot, it prompts proper release and follow through, with perfect coordination between the guide hand & shooting hand.  


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Like many great entrepreneurs, JP found a problem and solved it.

However, JP faced another problem that most entrepreneurs face: lack of time. JP wears many different hats and found himself with a lot of "assets" for marketing, but no concrete strategy, set content plan, or the manpower/time to put it all into action.

Carousel Facebook Ad

JP had all the "ammo" but he hasn't fired any shots. 


After consulting with us, we were able to create a strategic social content plan as well as a facebook advertising campaign, resulting in a 140.49% increase in his follower base and a cost per click to his website of $0.2187.79% lower than the average cost per click of facebook advertising benchmark 


Lisa G. Samia.


Lisa G. Samia is an Award Winning Author & Poet who loves American History. Some of her other works include “The Nameless and the Faceless of the Civil War.” A collection of 28 poems and 28 essays on the historical representations of Civil War events through the narrative of poetry. April 2018, which was Endorsed by Eric Swanson and “The Man with the Ice Blue Eyes,” A Romantic Poetry Collection of love and heartache. Debuted number one on Amazon.com for Women’s Poetry, July 2016, plus the fictional novel based on John Wilkes Booth “My Name is John Singer,” and now "My Name is Mrs. John Singer."


Lisa G. Samia

Award-Winning Author & Poet

Throughout her journey, Lisa has always done it alone, and finally she has decided that it's time to take the leap to make it happen and elevate herself to the next level. Her book, The Nameless and The Faceless of The Civil War is finding a key group of niche readers and it's time to capitalize. Lisa has done numerous events, but she has never documented any of them, nor did she have a centralized location to spread her news, engage, and build a community of fans around her events and wonderful books.


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That's where we came in.

We created social media channels for Lisa from scratch, and filled it with meaningful contents that matter: her works, her events, and most importantly- her story. Furthermore- we started documenting her important events. Not only to capture the memories, but to showcase her amazing ability to perform when the lights are on.


The results ?


A spike in her book sales, an increase in bookings, and most recently- Lisa was just selected as the national artist in residence for Gettysburg National Park!

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Juke Performance.

JUKE was Founded in 2006 by NFL professional athlete Jesse Nicassio. It was created to provide individuals of all ages, regardless of physical status, the opportunity to improve their fitness level, technique, desired body type and overall health and wellness. Our man Jesse developed an innovative system during his playing days to improve his speed, strength and explosion for game time. MASS Suit helped him get to the next level and sustain strenuous football training year round. He knew this is a must have for all who want to get to the next level.

Juke Performance's innovative MASS Suit grew exponentially since its inception. It has been featured on CBS, The LA Times, ESPN, Fox Sports, The Biggest Loser, Tapout, and Spike TV. The MASS Suit has been used by NFL Athletes, UFC Fighters, WWE Superstars, and many more. Juke's social media account was growing at an insane pace- reaching over 30,000 followers. 

After partnering with us, we were able to help free up Jesse's most important asset, his precious time. We worked diligently to put his social media channel on automatic, consistently bringing awareness using of the thousands of athletes that are benefiting from the MASS Suit, while at the same time matching his brand strategy and uplifting it with a consistent brand identity.



Founder, Juke Performance

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Nothing beats passion and experience! 3x Olympic Coach Greg Romero started BMX Training PRO because he wanted to share the winning success that he found for himself (from a top amateur to a top pro, winning over 100 professional races) and more importantly the success that he have found coaching his Olympic Athletes.


Greg Romero

Owner, BMXTraining.com

His video library consists of 300+ quality tips and secrets to help any rider achieve their goals.


The results were astonishing:


390 wins, 23, national titles, 10 world titles,

4 Olympic births, and 2 Olympic medals.

Our team member helps Greg continue to grow his social presence- adding 5000+ engaging followers to his channels. On top of that, we were able to create engaging email campaigns to engage current members and attract new ones. The passion remains true with greg, as he keeps expanding his outreach with his newest "bmxtraining live" segment on facebook, giving riders a chance to do a Q&A live, in which we are able to edit and continually use on his platforms to add diversity in content.

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Jeff Dawson of East Coast Sports Investors has 30+ years of experience beating the sports books and is passionate about getting others on the same winning path. Jeff has spent many years perfecting his craft and looks for the trends and angles to come out with the winning edge. In 2015, Jeff had a vision sports wagering would become legal in the United States sooner than later and finally launched ECSI.

He was correct.

Within the first 3 years of service, he has rattled off 17-3 runs, 18-2 runs, 30-2 runs.

2017 March Madness? #1 in America that year. 

After years of consistent results, ECSI was ranked on the first page of google under the term "sport investors" and after consulting with us, ECSI has grown their social media following and created multiple avenues of outbound marketing to supplement the well-deserved industry leader that they certainly are. 


Jeff Dawson

Founder, East Coast Sports Investors


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Gameface Performance.

Gameface Performance is a consulting firm that enhances mental skills for athletes and coaches to improve performance in sport. In the sporting world, athletes and coaches contend with internal and external factors including performance anxiety, energy/stress management, confidence issues, attention/concentration control, conflict management, season/career ending injuries, etc. Gameface Performance focuses on a holistic, inside/out approach to enhance and improve with individuals mental approach to their game. 

Grant parr

Owner, Gameface Performance

Grant believes that athletes today can’t afford to rely solely on their physical talents. Connecting the mind and body to produce an elite mindset to overcome internal and external distractions while performing is vital.


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Grant has two podcasts - "90% Mental" and "In and Out of The Pocket with Jake “The Snake” Plummer and Grant Parr.


90%Mental is a podcast that promotes awareness around mental performance within sport by interviewing athletes and coaches where they can share their stories and perspectives on sport psychology topics. Grant has had guests range from Olympians, Olympic Coaches, professional athletes/coaches, collegiate athletes/coaches, sport psychologists, and authors. 

We couldn't ask for a better client in Grant, as it turns out- he is just as passionate about content as much as we are. since our partnership began, we've generated different types of marketing collateral along the lines of social media, video marketing, email campaigns, digital campaigns, website/blog, podcasts, and sales collateral.


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dr dwayne.png

Dwayne buckingham

Owner, Business Academy For Social Workers And Counselors




BASWC's business? To combat social injustice and reduce barriers to quality mental health services for vulnerable populations by providing social workers and counselors with opportunities to Launch vulnerable population focused (VPF) businesses, Accelerate compensation growth and Build financial prosperity.

Dr. Buckingham is passionate about helping inspiring and established social entrepreneurs create client-centered-profitable businesses. He's also extremely committed to helping entrepreneurs “win” in business and has established a successful track record of winning himself. In 2017 He received the distinct destination of DMV Entrepreneur of the Year from Wes Adams’ State’s Attorney Office, Anne Arundel County, Maryland for his work as a community advocate, keynote speaker, resilience guru, author of 11 books, producer of 4 documentaries, real estate owner, janitorial business owner, leadership coach and organizational training consultant.

We were able to help Dr. Buckingham create a set content plan and strategy that comes out each day, all with the ability to be reviewed beforehand to guaranteed that our contents matched his mission. Since our parternership, we were able to grow his account by 57.53% in the first month.


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Athletes to Careers.

Athletes to Careers is an organization dedicated to coaching, counseling and placing highly talented athletes into the corporate world. Working in harmony with educational institutions and America’s top companies, They help athletes make a smooth transition from the playing field, to their desired professional career.

John doyle

VP - Midwest Operations, A2C

John brings with him over 35 years of professional experience that have placed over 200 athletes into meaningful business careers, just in the last 4 years. He is also the author of "College to Career Journal: 101 Thought-Provoking Ways to Help You Land the Job of Your Dreams."


We know instantly that John's business would be a success. Why? Because him and athletes to careers exists to help all sides. All parties' missions are aligned. All we had to do was create a set content strategy, tell his story consistently, and target the right schools.

The results? A steady stream of direct messages from student-athletes of all sports reaching out for John's guidance and help! And after he places them in the right career that they're looking for, we continue to share the results, and the cycles keep on going! 

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Many More Clients.

Many More Industries.

The page just would never end if we showed all our work, but we think you get the point.

but here's a list of current and past clients we've worked with:





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Tri-State Strength

Juke Performance

The Ringer Hoops

Legacy Sports


Gameface Performance

Winning Mindset

WIN Mental Performance

Strong Skills Co.

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Lisa G. Samia



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Thai Flavors



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