e are a team that's ready to take your business to where you truly want it to be. Our mission is simple. It's to "Build A Community Around Your Business." What does that mean? It means that we live in a completely different landscape that we were just 5-10 years ago. We live in the time where we can reach people almost instantly and have the opportunity to have your audience stay in touch with what you're trying to sell them. There is no better time- imagine if it was the great depression, or the dust bowl; you get the point. To accomplish our mission, we rely on our basic philosophy: "Give More Than You Take." Giving more than you take means we create meaningful contents that matter. Contents that provide value to your audience and your target consumer in some way. Whether it be information, engagement, or entertainment. All while still focusing on brand strategy and "Telling The Story You Want To Tell."

Oh, and did we mention that we're able to offer month-to-month contracts? That's how much we believe in our work. While yes, that does give us the ability to sell to you quicker, because it's lower risk, it also gives you the power to make sure we're not all talk- We have to prove our worth every single month, and we're ready to do so.

We look forward to learning more about you,


Seharut suankeow

President - SS&Co. Media

Our Team.

Seharut suankeow

President & Founder

Jan Jomsiriwattana

Graphic Designer

Jessica harker

Accounting Administrative Asssistant