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1.6 million people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook. Using your business understanding and our extensive data research on FB IQ -

See how the world's most powerful platform can target

your desired customers for any marketing objective. 

Best Part?

Pop right into their feed.

While they're eating, while they're with their friends, on the toilet. when they should be, when they shouldn't be.

people are scrolling.

Our ads aim to capture attention as fast as possible to all types of audience. Short & long attention span. That's why we make 5 variation of copywriting (the maximum amount allowed on the platform) We take your business seriously and will give the ad the best chance it can to succeed.

And PS:

If we don't get you an average CPC (or better) on

the first try... We'll work for free until it happens.


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1 Single Image Ad

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1 Video Ad

5 Copy Variation For Each Ad

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Full Campaign Implementation & Execution

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